Want a healthy gut? Do you eat the rainbow every day?

Why do we get sick and how can we  prevent disease? The basis of health comes from your gut. About 80% of your immune system is in your gut and a huge part of that is your gut bacteria. 

To have a healthy gut an immune system you need to feet it correctly. Eat the rainbow every day, eat lots of leeks, garlics and onions – gut bacteria thrive on fibre from green vegetables. What you eat determines the type of bacteria that thrive. 

Probiotics are only transient, they help to heal the gut but when you stop taking them, they disappear – unless you keep feeding them with lots of vegetables and fibre. 

An unhealthy diet of lots of processed food and sugar, encourages the growth of unhealthy gut bacteria – this is often a cause of bloating.

Information taken from the Functional Medicine Course I am currently completing.

Dr. Carolyn Frost 

M.Tech.Hom(SA), DHP(UK), Dip A.E.T(UK), MARH

Registered Homeopath