I brought my 2 year old daughter, who was covered in eczema to see Carolyn. Within one month of taking the prescribed remedies she was 50% better, and after three months her eczema had cleared completely – Thank you!

Mrs S


My one year old son had recurrent ear infections for the first year of his life. After homeopathic treatment, they cleared up and he hasn’t had any since.

Mrs W


Dear Carolyn


I am writing to inform you of the incredible results I have had since seeing you in August 2012 for my seasonal allergic rhinitis. I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter and had prescribed antihistamines from my GP to try and relive my discomfort -runny nose, cough, itching and sneezing in addition to my pregnancy symptoms had left me feeling really debilitated, at a time when I needed all the energy I could muster! I had become accustomed to experiencing flu-like symptoms for up to four months of the year during the pollen season. The antihistamines I had been prescribed had little effect, so I thought there would be nothing to lose by trying your method. The homeopathic prescription you gave me was simple to follow and I started feeling an improvement in my hay fever symptoms within a few days. I stopped the edication prescribed by my GP as my symptoms felt very mild and manageable. As autumn approached the symptoms fell away as usual. You explained that desensitization could have taken up to two years and I was due to start taking the drops before spring this year, but life had been rather busy and I just didn't get around to it. I started hearing radio advertisements for antihistamines and allergy treatments and noticed the odd friend complaining of hay fever, and this is when it dawned on me, I had yet to experience any hay fever symptoms! It is now the end of October and to date I have had one or two bouts of an itchy nose/throat, at which time I took two drops of one of the vials you prescribed me. Only another allergy sufferer would understand the relief at not having any hay fever this season. No chronic medication or their side effects, no feeling run down or tired every day has meant I can enjoy spring and all the beautiful flowers that are around. Thank you so much for understanding the importance of treating allergies and for staying in contact throughout the process, offering for new vials to be posted to me if necessary.


Best wishes

Lisa Taylor

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