Homeopathy for broken bones

For those of you who know my youngest daughter, will know that recently she broke her arm extremely badly! It has been amazing to see how well her arm has healed with very little pain!

Fracture self-repair process is spontaneous and natural, but what we do during this time is very important.

The stage we set for healing greatly influences the speed, comfort, and completeness of the bone renewal process. People who have had fractures aren’t often told that they can do anything to help their bones heal.

These are a couple of the remedies that I have given her to help her healing.

Traumeel, a brilliant homeopathic anti-inflammatory for any trauma or injury to the body.

Symphytum, in homeopathy is considered the “glue” of bone fractures, because it accelerates bone healing. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, has a strong affinity for bones and tendons and is very effective for treating pain occurring during or after a broken bone.

The Calcium group of tissue salts – a combination of minerals to help nourish the bones.

I am really thankful that I have had these wonderful homeopathic remedies to help her arm heal so well!