I specialise in helping children with autism with safe, non-toxic natural, non-addictive medicine, namely homeopathy.

“My child has never been well since a certain vaccine or medication…”

Homeopathy can be a valuable tool for detoxing and improving your child’s health.

I use a three part approach:

  • The first is Orthomolecular Supplements

    There are a few supplements that are indispensable when helping Autistic children and help to support the body whilst detoxing is taking place.

  • The second part is Isotherapy

    Substances that appear to have caused the condition are given in homeopathic doses to start to clear or detox the body. This part of the treatment may include vaccine detox.

  • The third part is Classical / Inspiring Homeopathy

    Each individual is given a remedy specifically suited for them.

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